0e8fecd1-70d4-4fe0-93a3-4ffa66122d64I’m Fredrik, a 24 year old Londoner living in the wilds of West Glasgow. I spend my time studying history at the University of Glasgow, working on a mountain leader qualification, and standing around in woodland with a serious frown.

I’ve been camping for as long as I can remember, with family holidays spent in tents on the Norfolk and Devon coasts, in the woods of the New Forest and on the hills of the Lake District. My first major foray into the world of hiking was walking the length of Sweden in the summer of 2015. It was the worst, best, hardest, most painful, weirdest, happiest, summer of my life. I can’t wait to for a chance to get my boots on and go on another adventure.

Sweden is a country I absolutely love, where I have family and where I will probably one day live.

My aim is to travel the world, climbing things and writing stuff (probably about climbing things).