Hiking, Hills and Highlands

Some stuff from my time in the mountains.


Posing on Beinn Narnain...

Hiking, Hills and Highlands

Based in Glasgow, the area around Loch Lomond is my playground, getting further afield whenever possible. My plan is to fill this blog with thoughts, memories and musings from days on the hills. I hope to add to this as the days go on, a section for day hikes and a section for longer trips. The section headed ‘I Would Walk 1500 Miles’ is the blog I wrote during the summer of 2015 when I spent three months walking the length of Sweden (a long, hard, often lonely summer but one I will never forget).

I’m currently working my way towards a Summer Mountain Leader (SML) qualification so hopefully these pages will soon fill up with badly taken photographs of stunning scenery and poorly recounted stories of hilarious happenings.

I may chuck in some gear reviews, useful things I learn, all sorts really as long as it’s mountainy. Anyway, I do hope you (whoever you are) enjoy it all, or some of it, or none, it’s up to you I guess.


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